The Dirty 30’s

My first year out of the dorms in college, I lived with 4 other girls and 2 boys.  Seven 20-year olds living together…it was absolute chaos!  The combination of raging hormones and massive amount of alcohol made for situations that would horrify parents.  

All of us were “good girls” that were transitioning through different phases of our sexual liberation and promiscuity.  By virtue of close proximity (he lived with us) on many of those drunken nights, our friend and roommate Ron was the lucky recipient of our hormone explosions.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but Ron had actually slept with 3 of the 5 of us girls.  I know…it’s so incestual in retrospect.  The conversation we girls had after we all realized that we’d all slept with Ron was hilarious.  We were trying to put together a timeline to figure out who slept with him first and in what order.  Oh, the dirty whore days of college… 

Well, I’m not sure who I’m kidding by referencing my slutty behavior as if it’s something of my very distant past.  There have been occasions in my not so distant past when a few too many shots and the right company have led to…well, you know. 

So now I feel the need to get a little defensive here.  Really, I’m not THAT much of a slut.  I mean…I can’t be worse than my friends (but, does it count when you compare yourself to friends – when in some instances it’s friends that you’ve f’d?)  Well, anywho…whether it’s direct knowledge or friends telling me about their crazy romps – they’re still doing it – they just don’t share it for the world to read on a blog!


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