No Double Jeopardy

courtI was just in Family Support Court (money court) per my ex’s request to not pay child support (well, be obligated to pay less support, since he doesn’t pay anyway) earlier this month.  So we rapped that up on October 1st, 7 court appearances this year later (not counting my Family Court appearances).  I agreed to have him pay less, since according to the court – I can’t “prove” his self-employed income.  My proof of his fancy cars, sailboat, homes, extravagant lifestyle, his SEC filing of his company going public…all not enough “proof.”  All this is going on while we are currently in Family Court (separate court) adjusting custody. 

So I come home yesterday to a new court filing from him with Family Support Court…he wants the child support order reviewed AGAIN!!!  There is no double jeopardy in this court.  You can re-file for the same thing, over and over and over and over and over again – if you are someone who gets your rocks off on spending their days in court, which my ex so clearly does.  His current order is to pay ½ of our son’s health insurance, ½ of his pre-school fee, and $140/month in child support.  Yes, you heard me right…$140/month.  It is 2009, and this successful CEO is ordered to only pay $140/month – and he won’t even pay this amount!  I don’t have the money to have an investigation expose what he’s doing…so he wins.  

In addition to him not paying for any insurance, pre-school, or child support (keep in mind, I am also unemployed right now and he knows this) he is also currently requesting that I be responsible for covering all of the costs for our son to visit him in Northern California.  That would be me paying for 16 flights/year (the cost for me flying our son up and back 4 times/year, as he’s too young to fly alone.)  I go to Family Court on Monday, and this decision will be made.  I don’t understand how any judge in their right mind would make me pay for any of this, but I am never ceased to be amazed by the system. 

So back to Family Court I go on Monday, and off I go to prepare yet again for another upcoming Family Support Court appearance.  WTF!!!


One Response to “No Double Jeopardy”

  1. I am speechless – CANNOT believe you’re having to deal with this…AGAIN… And for such RIDICULOUS requests. So sorry, my friend. Stay strong. Let your friends know how they can best help and support you.

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