Once you go normal, you’ll never go back

“Once you go normal, you’ll never go back.”  Words of advice I received from a friend after an especially trying week with ex’s.      

Since the whole race car bed incident, I have totally ignored all communication from Kristy – I’m talking numerous spams of emails, phone calls, and text messages.  Obviously, she’s aware that I’m ignoring her, yet she continues.  So I’m resigned to admitting I have a stalker.  We live in the same neighborhood, and I suspect at some point I will run into her out and about, just as my friends have.  Out of fear of this ever happening – I have conceded the battle of the neighborhood to Kristy.  She gets the grocery store, the favorite restaurants, the manicurist, etc.  Please note…it was no biggie to switch my grocery store to Ralph’s – as I’m still hoping to see the hottie checker again. 

As for Callie…my friend had to talk off the metaphorical “ledge” with her this week.  It had been a couple of weeks since I ended things, but I was still getting a ton of texts from her.  I was so freakin’ happy because I thought that I had actually transitioned into the friend-zone with an ex.  Yay me!  Things were going along fabulous, until the sexts started coming again, and then the emotional texts.  She wanted to talk on the phone, at which time I desperately tried to explain why I didn’t think we would work.  I felt myself getting weak, and after a very LONG phone conversion, I began to consider giving this another shot.  So here I was again, talking to an ex, knowing damn well it won’t work, but me considering going back for more to “fix” things.  Yes, that’s me…I’m a “fixer.”  Thankfully, a friend was able to shake me back to reality. 

See I’ve never had “normal”, so here I am…continuing to patiently wait for it.  Yes, I know…I might be waiting for a long ass time.


One Response to “Once you go normal, you’ll never go back”

  1. Um, I think this Ghandi-like friend of yours needs a name and should be acknowledged….I’ve always liked Heather as an alias for some odd reason. Or maybe Princess Buttercup. Oooh, how about DJ C-Kwin!?!

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