I walked into that one…

So one of my best friends calls me and asks a favor.  Jack used to have a “race car” toddler bed, that Kristy and I took up to her friend’s vacation home The Casa – to leave up there for him when we visited.  When we split, I asked Kristy to bring the bed back the next time she was up there for my friend – for her little boy.  So my friend asked me to ask Kristy again about getting the bed (which btw is a totally awesome bed).  I reluctantly asked Kristy again.  My bad…

Me:  Hi…I wanted to check with you about Jack’s old race car bed.  Tommy is ready for a big boy bed, and I had told Emily they could have it.   Is this something that you could bring back the next time you’re up at The Casa?

Kristy:  Sorry—I already got rid of it.  It has been over 6-months and you never mentioned that as a plan or I would have kept if for Emily/Tommy.

Me:  I’m pretty sure I mentioned this to you…that i intended to give it to them and if you could bring it back from The Casa when you were up there.  I don’t know…seems like you would check in with me before giving my things away?  No?

Kristy:  You are so right.  I am so sorry that I was insensitive by giving your belongings away.  Is there anything I can do to make it up to?

Me:  No worries…

Kristy:  LOL

Me:  LOL?

Kristy:  Guess I was laughing because you thought I was serious??

At my wits end, I sent her the following message – which is a Mental Health Hotline number…

Me:  1-800-969-6642

Kristy:  LOL—I have the race car bed at The Casa.  I was just kidding.  Let me know when you can pick it up?

I know, I know…I walked right into that one.  I actually thought for split second that she actually was capable of accountability and sensitivity.  I was wrong and damn me for letting her do it again!


One Response to “I walked into that one…”

  1. (insert nonchalant whistling)
    1. Any response from you is considered a success by Kristy.
    2. Nothing positive will come from any contact with Kristy.
    3. Any response is considered encouragement to her to continue peppering you with communications.
    4. She will not change behaviors just because you would like her to, no matter how rational you think it would be for her to do so.

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