Your Timing is Impeccable

If it’s not one thing, it’s a mother fuckin’ other. 

On Monday I had Family Support Court (child support court) with my ex-husband.  I think I’ve already established my extreme hatred for appearing in court.  I would rather have diarrhea for two days than appear in court for 10 minutes.  Anyway, the reason we were there is because he’s still requesting to have his child support obligation suspended indefinitely.  The end result of this visit to hell (I mean court) – he continues to successfully hide his income from the courts (a challenge when you are trying to collect child support from the “self-employed”). 

Fast forward two days – I get laid off from my job that I’ve had for the past 3+ years.   The shitty part (well, one of the shitty parts) is that my gut told me to go to my boss and ask him if I was going to be laid off soon, as this would be vital information for my court hearing.  I should have trusted my gut and asked, but I didn’t.  Now I have to go BACK to hell again…AND I WAS JUST FUCKING THERE ON MONDAY!  Argh.

Even though I suspected something like this was a possibility, denial kept me from doing anything about it.  So now, here I am again…unemployed, broke, and quite frankly a little pissed off!


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