…for worse

Apparently I am a masochist.  After a few decent (not nice, but decent) text requests from Kristy to see Jack – I caved.

Kristy picked Jack up from pre-school and then I told her that I would come by that evening and pick him up from her house.  She asked me not to come to the door, but rather text her from outside to let her know that I was there…whatever, I agreed.  All in all the exchange had no drama to speak of.  Me, the eternal optimist, actually had high hopes that we could function as mature adults.

So Jack said he had a good time with Kristy and her friends, but he was kind of bent out of shape by a 5-year-old girl that was also over at her house.  I asked him if he’d like to go visit Kristy again and he said, “Only if that 5 year old isn’t there!”  He went on to tell me about how she was mean to him, etc. etc.

So the following weekend rolls around and I get an email from Kristy…this is how it went down:

K: Could I have Jack again?

Me: When were you thinking?

K: Do you have him this weekend?

Me: Yes

K: Maybe tomorrow night?

Me: Jack had a hard time with the 5 year old that was with you guys last week.  Not sure all the details with that, but he asked to not hang out with her again.  Is that something you can work with?

K: That’s a pretty interesting request coming from a 4-yr-old.  I wonder why he continued to play with her the whole night without complaint then???  Have a good weekend.

Jesus…I know she’s a bitch, but she can’t even fake it for a week!?!?!  I have to be strong and get her the fuck out of our lives…she’s such a drain.  Arggg!

After a bitch session with my best friend, she reminded me of the following guidelines that I NEED to remember when I’m feeling weak again:

1.  Any response from you is considered a success by Kristy.
2.  Nothing positive will come from any contact with Kristy.
3.  Any response is considered encouragement to her to continue peppering you with communications.
4.  She will not change behaviors just because you would like her to, no matter how rational you think it would be for her to do so.


One Response to “…for worse”

  1. That friend of yours sure is smart….

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