Pimpin’ lessons from a 4-year old

I am one of those people that will put off grocery shopping until I’ve wiped my butt with the last square.  So FINALLY, Jack and I made a trek to the grocery store.  I was in my Sunday casuals (wife beater and work out shorts) – defiantly not my best look.

I randomly select a check out line and start unloading my cart, with Jack directing me from the seat.  (He’s way too big for the cart seat, but I’m willing to heave 50 lbs. to chest height just to minimize how many unwanted boxes of Captain Crunch and M&Ms wind up in the cart when my back is turned.)   I finally look up at the cashier and this woman takes me aback – she’s stunning.  I clam up, like I usually do and just offer small pleasantries.  Thankfully I had my little wingman with me.  Jack and the cashier start chatting each other up about everything from cheese to reading, while I lust after this woman that is winning over the heart of my son.

It is time for us to go, and the cashier says to Jack, “See you later little guy.”  And, what does Jack do?  He looks up from his cart seat and casually winks at her without saying a word.  She then says to him, but smiling at me, “I love the confidence!”  My typical response…I froze.  How I wished that I could have said, “If only his mom had the same confidence with you.”
Needless to say, I can guarantee that I will NOT be going back to Ralph’s in my “Sunday uniform.”


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