Three times it was…I’m done

I canceled my match account…already you ask?  My ex Kristy and her freakin’ shame spiral that she can’t seem to snap out of, chased me off match.  I’m not interested in swimming in the same pool that she is…I got this text today:

“Heard you’re on match again!  Maybe while you’re busy on your dates I can spend some time and see Jack?”

I didn’t want to have to send her into full on ignore mode – what I had to with a previous stalker ex (Laura), but she’s left me with no choice.

Laura was a doozie.  After 2 months of dating she informed me that she had every intention of asking me to marry her.  New to the whole U-haul concept…I aborted immediately.  I tried to maintain a friendship with her but after the complete mental break she had – it was quite obvious that that wasn’t going to work.  It turned into full shame sprirl stalker mode with her – showing up at my house unannounced, spamming me all day everyday with texts, emails, and calls.  Two and a half years later, I’ll still get the random phone call as if we just talked yesterday.

Adios match!



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