Mi Familia


lesbian mafia:  known as a subculture of radical, sometimes judgmental, righteous, and somehow powerfully persuasive, lesbians who all seem to know each other

I have officially been out of the closet just shy of 3 years.  Within these 3 years I have gained the friendship and acquaintance of lesbian police officers, lesbian attorney, lesbian business owners, and a former lesbian nun.  Hell hath no fury like a lesbian with friends in high places.

So as I set out in preparation for my next Family Support Court appearance, I turned to none other than mi familia, aka the lesbian mafia.

I will digress here for a moment…

I grew up in a small town in Northern California…primarily white…primarily redneck…extremely homophobic.  I was in total denial growing up…all thoughts of women were immediately dismissed (and trust me…they were there).  I WAS NOT GAY!

When gay marriage was legalized in California I looked online to see how the local media in my hometown was covering the issue.  To my surprise, the lead story on the New York Times, LA Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle was no where to be seen in the local media!  So it’s no freakin’ wonder I couldn’t even consider being gay when I was a kid…even the so called news was unwilling to utter “gay.”

So when I came out of the closet I immediately felt like I was part of a minority group – a new and unfamiliar feeling.  I have always been interested in the Civil Rights movement and studied a ton of this history in college.  What I have always been struck by is the sense of unity and strength that people in oppressed groups gain from one another.

So I have gone to my “peeps” for strength in my court battle with my ex-husband…and they have welcomed me with open arms.  To quote my new lesbian attorney ally, “people like him disgust me…I will do everything I can to help you expose him for what he is.”


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