You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry!

Text exchange with ex-girlfriend (Kristy) yesterday:

ex-GF:  sex?
me:        i’m satisfied, but thanks for checkin in on me
ex-GF:   lol—see u r getting it from somewhere else?!?!?  good for u.

Text exchange with ex-girlfriend (Kristy) today:

ex-GF:  do you have plans tonight?
me:        i do have plans tonight

Ok…ballsy, but relatively harmless, right?  I am all for break-up sex…it was great – once.  Sidebar – how is that you are with someone for almost 2 years and they never want to have sex, but the second you break up with them they suddenly have this insatiable sex drive?  The last temptation of Kristy – she knows my weakness…damn her!

So, me and my unconditional insatiable sex drive have stood strong…only falling off the wagon that one time (not living in crazytown outweighs great sex – disclaimer:  except on those incredibly desperate days).  But, here we are 4 months after we split and I’m still having to turn her come-on’s down about once a week.  I’ve tried being sensitive with my let-downs…I’ve tried being funny…I’ve tried it all to no avail.  Now this is why women get the “crazy-bitch” wrap! I’m about to get Incredible Hulk on her ass!hulk


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